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5th May 2013 was one of Malaysia's historical day. Our general election. As a first time voter, I was excited at the same time nervous. Woke up early on that day and went to the polling station, my High school to line up.

It's the first time I felt that it's my responsibility to choose a leader I deemed suitable for my country. It was a bright morning, everyone came early. We waited for 30 mins before we were allowed to enter the school compound to the respective classrooms. As I enter to cast my vote, my heart was beating fast. I checked to make sure my name was crossed out, my ballot paper clean & I was using a pen to mark instead of pencil.

I never cared about politics nor my country. I've always wanted to leave and never return. I have always thought my vote will make no difference. It's just 1, what can it do? However, I was wrong. I realized I do care about my country and my vote does make a difference. I checked countless times for updates about the situation around the country.

This year's general election opened my eyes to many things about politics and my country. Things that if people asked, I would be ashamed to even admit I'm a Malaysian. This year has the dirtiest general election in Malaysia's history.

Phantom voters, foreigner's ability to vote, pencil used, blackouts and additional ballot boxes brought it during counting of votes especially when it is obvious the opposition was leading far ahead. I've lost my trust in the current gov, police & media.They are all controlled by our corrupted gov.

Nevertheless, I've seen unity during this time. Regardless of race or religion, the rakyat has done more than they need to do. To protect the polling stations from badass people who tries to cheat.
It only proves one thing. Even though we lost the battle this round. We will win the war one day. The righteous will shine in the darkness. I will continue to fight for my future children. It's just the beginning.