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Penang day 2

7.30am, Sat

Woke up to shower and get ready then woke Jeen up. Went for breakfast. Ate White curry Noodles and steamed chicken. After that went to the saloon to perm my hair. XD


Went to Prangin Mall for a walk. Bought nothing but sat and had pre-lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Shared egg tarts and Char Siew paste snack

At 2 pm we went to pick Chai Ru from the jetty then drove to town to eat Asam Laksa, I just took a bite cos I don't really fancy them. Next, we went to Ghee Hiang biscuit store to buy some biscuits. They're famous for it.

Next stop, old kopitiam for Char Kuey Teow. It's really very good.. I want to eat again.. :(

Back to Van's house. Went to take pictures around the area of her Condo for more than an hour. (a little lazy to post it now. lol.)

Dinner in Gurney Drive. Fried Calamari, Rojak (mixed fruits and vege with a special black sauce), Fried eggs with oysters, soy bean with black sugar (Gula Melaka). We shared all of those of cos..

Night market again. but end up buying nothing at all.. Came home shower and slept around 1am.



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