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Penang Day 1

Fri, 12.30pm
Jeen & I head to KL Central to catch a bus to LCCT where we will board our plane to Penang. Reached LCCT around 2pm lined up to check-in then looked around till the gates are open. Went through the customs which made me a little nervous till I lifted both hands while I walked through the sensor door.hahahaha.. Jeen laughed at me. She said I looked like I was surrendering to the Police. Lined up to board the plane. I got the window seat.. XD

It's my first time on the plane so I was a little excited. The plane got delayed for 30 mins due to Air-con failure. While we're on the track, the plane caught up speed & had a shock. Hold on to my seat handle..lol.. As the plane took off, the feeling is like seating a roller coaster where your heart suddenly lifted up. I love that feeling.XD

Reached Penang around 5.30pm, met Vanessa & gave her a hug. After that we went shopping in Queensbay Mall. Bought nothing but sushi cos I was hungry. Then we went for dinner in a small house-like restaurant. Ate Bak Kut Teh (pork, mushrooms, vege in chinese herbal soup).

Went back to Van's house then head straight to the Night Market. walked down the whole street looking at FAKE Gucci, LV & other branded stuff. I bought a pirated DVD. lol.. Phobia 2 (Thai horror). Was looking for more horror movies but they don't have those I wanted.

Came back around 10.30pm, had shower and watched a movie I've always wanted to watch. NINJA ASSASSIN featuring RAIN. I kinda like the movie cos of the effects and the weapons + martial arts Rain did. His body *drools*. Saw his ass too..kekekeke... While watching, 3 of us was screaming in pain for Rain when he was slashed. Jeen & Van closed their eyes when there's lot of gory scenes but I was in awe looking at people's head being cut off, legs & hands slashed. CLEAN CUT using katana, double edged sword, shuriken, kusarigama and many more.

Then we went to bed. The end~~