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Baba's First Times

The first times I had ever since I met JIJI.

I talked to a guy online for such a long time (previously 17 hrs).

I sent so many of my pics to some1 I just met.

I received so many poems and pics from a guy.

Someone sent me a picture of the bear I’ve always wanted (Forever Friend’s Bear) to cheer me up.

I’m in a relationship with some 1 overseas and has never met face to face.

I received a kiss on my forehead (This is when everything started on Mar 22nd at 1am).

I’ve been licked.

I made a card for a guy other than Tora & Hiroto.

I asked a guy for his number.

I called the US for such a long time (Last call was 1 hr 2 mins).

I used a pic of someone I like as my monitor wallpaper.

I told my parents that I’m in a relationship (but they don’t believe me).

I’m being called BABA.

I call someone JIJI.

I fought for someone.

My sleepy self waited together with that sleepy head for a package to arrive.

I skipped work just to be with him.

I’ve given and listened to so many muacks in a single phone call.

I’ve seen someone I like drenched (Cos I said I wanna see him wet & he took a pic for me).

I miss a person so much till I get grumpy.

I wanna be with someone so much.

A guy has brought so many smiles on my face and taken so many of my first times.

I wrote all these in memory of all the first times I had with him.


There are more but here are 22 of them dedicated to my love on his 22nd birthday. I love you Jae. Blessed Happy Birthday.



May. 22nd, 2009 09:38 am (UTC)
when I read back my journal entries I feel so stupid I posted it there..and those journals are not what I felt now..sigh..but usually i don't read back.. cos my journal is used for venting sometimes..

AHHH.. forgive me for what I did..m-.-m

there are more 1st times which are not listed above.