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Japan Day 2, Keita SidebySide Tour 2013

Japan Day 2

I woke up at 6.30am and went out at 8.30am. Walked towards Jozenji dori ave to Sendai shimin kaikan to check the place out just to make sure I know the way. Was craving for McD breakfast so I went round looking for McD. Ate bacon burger set then drop by a bookstore opposite and bought keita's 24/7 book. Hang around the hall for 4 hrs before the goods went on sale. Didn't wanna go anywhere because the weather is bad and I'm afraid I couldn't make it back in time. I found the place where Keita arrived, there was a guard so i just look from the top.

Goods started selling at 3pm.I bought all the goods needed. Won a fan club limited ed blue towel. Entered 4 lucky draws by buying his play button to get a backstage pass but no luck. I went to purchase so many times until the staff was laughing when i see him. lol. Keita was practicing his pitch and It was so loud and sharp. Honestly I got annoyed at the same time found it a bit scary but I remembered non of his songs needed that octave. My wish to gain that pass became stronger so I prayed very hard and ask God if I can get to see Keita backstage. It was raining then so I asked for a sign if I should buy another play button to get a backstage pass. Waited until the counter was closing, went another round to purchase the play button and before I spin the wheel,I prayed again. The red ball came out!! I was so shocked I just look at the staff and my eyes started tearing.
He rang the bell and congratulated me. Covered my mouth and was still speechless. Thank him numerous times. I was trembling, I couldn't walk down the stairs properly. Called 2 of my friends but no answer so called Ray and told him I got the pass and cried over the phone. Took me a whole to calm down.

At 5pm we lined up to enter the hall. It was a small hall. As I walk to my seat I was amazed how near my seat was. Can't take picture, sorry. I talked to a fan who sat beside me. Told her I traveled for this and she said it's nice to be able to travel. In my head I said, "so nice you stay in Japan". Well the grass is always greener on the other side. I just nod my head and said yea. I found the tracklist. Click the link below.


He sang all songs that is in his album and also from his first single. Started with Turn It Up. When he came out, I'm speechless. So close up. Move on to Slide & Step and Magic but no AKLO.

First MC.
He talked a lot. Communicated with his fans. I just stood and watch him. My eyes were fixed on him. Sometimes got distracted by his beautiful dancers. The mic stand was too tall so he lowered it. Then it became too short he leveled up again. He actually complained while doing it and it's just too cute. Everyone laughed including him. He joked a lot too. Saying it's hot then he took off his coat. Fans started screaming and ask him to strip! Hahahaha.. He was like no way , impossible! I'm shy. They kept asking, he made it clear no one will see him half naked today. Then he adjust his bow tie and couldn't do it right so a staff came out and help him. It was a strap on bow tie not the traditional one. There he complained again. Lol.

The concert continued with slow and emo songs. I've always love "thinking of you" cos of the lyrics. Clicked with it the first time I listened to it. When he sang that song I cried. 3 dancers danced contemporary with 3 white clothes hanging down from the ceiling. The use of towel around my neck is for my tears. The hall is cold and there's not much movement except for my hand holding the light stick. I used back my 10 anniversary live light stick.

His costumes are all really nice. Suits. He look so tall and handsome. His hair color is so nice and his hair style suits him perfectly. Though it gets messy when he danced and it's obvious because of the color. He looked funny when than happened.

Second mc he introduced a special cover English ballad 'Sometimes I cry'. That's what he was practicing for. When he started I looked at him in awe especially those really high pitch parts. As I stared at him while listening to the lyrics, I felt warm. His voice and emotions poured out wonderfully. It's a very tough song and he managed it. Well done, Keita. I gave him 2 thumbs up when he looked my way, I'm not sure if he saw.

After that he said ok! last song, everyone went ehhhh!!! Then he asked what you want? They said sing again from the beginning! He gave this look =.=. My voice will be gone if I do that. Though I really wish it won't end. Hahaha..

He went to get himself dry and drank some water. Then he introduced his next song with a piano. I didn't realise the piano was out. Lol. He had problem wit his mic and he was complaining while fixing it so a staff came out to help him. Fans then asked him to play a kindergarten song. He did. Then they requested he play w-inds song. He did a short one but they asked for more so he refused saying It's keita's concert not w-inds. They then asked him to play another song and he said ok! I will play "side by side". And he repeated a few times and laughed. A little off key at a point. Then he corrected it. I've always loved to see him playing the piano and guitar. It turns me on.

Keita went in to change his clothes. Before that he intro a dancer Shouji kun and said he will pick someone from the audience to be part of the next song by giving an invitation card. shouji called out a girl few seats away from mine to sit at the sofa while he sang 'Nice and Slow'. When he touched the girl everyone screamed. I laughed. Guess I've passed that stage. I did not scream at all during the concert but I sang and moved my body along with beat. Enjoying every second of it.

3rd MC
He asked his fans if they have any request for him. The first thing they ask is to strip. He laughed and said impossible. Then they ask for w-inds song, he said ryuichi and Ryohei will be very mad if he sing. I don't like it when they insist in him singing w-inds song. Fans gave up and asked him to sing Michishirube, his other album released in 2006. He went "ehhhh!!! Impossible I forgot and did not prepare for that. Next time ok?"
He then talked about how he love sendai and their food. He listed a few but said a place name instead of food. Beef's tongue was his no1. As usual, he loves meat after all.

'Shame on me' autotuned part was off as well. System error I guess.

Slide and Step SKY-HI version. SKY-HI not around as he is busy so we sang some of the parts instead.

He asked if there's any last request then straight after that he canceled and said I'm not asking that anymore, I take back what I asked.lol. Fans just should motto motto(more,more). Last song he sang 'One More Time'. Dancers came out he ask everyone to use their towel. During the song we swing our towels, cowboy style. And jump until the end. He thank everyone for coming and waved goodbye.

After the concert, I went out to re place we were asked to gather to go back stage. 15 of us, 5 from FC, 5 from goods lucky draw & 5 from Cd lucky draw. We lined up in 3 lines and went to the lift to lower ground floor. We then walked into a room with tables and chairs and sat according to our group.

After waiting for 10 mins, seems like a damn long time especially when you are nervous and trembling, keita walked out with a few staffs. He was wearing his sidebyside white tshirt used during encore. I'm guessing no shower. Lol. I couldn't stand. My legs have no strength too. The rest stood up and line up. Gathered my energy and push my self up. 2 fans refuse to let me be last. =.=

I just stared at him as he talk to other fans. He look into their eyes and speak. One of them said his hand is muscular. There it goes. He started showing off his arms and she touched it. I burst into laughter. After 12 of them, it's my turn.

As I looked at him in the eyes, I started tearing and told him I'm from Malaysia and I came all the way for this concert in Japanese. He went "ehh!! Hontou! Hitori de? Hontouni arigatou gozaimashita. Nihongo mo kono tameni benkyoushimasuka?" i replied "hai" and he said sugoi na. I couldn't speak as i was sobbing so he just look at me and waited. Then I took a deep breath and said "Keita san, dakishimete mo ii desuka?" He was surprised and said "hazukashii ne" and repeated in English "I'm shy". I was rejected, damn. I said it's ok, no worries. He then ask"nan Sai desu ka?" I couldn't hear him so he repeated "oikutsu desuka?" And in English with perfect pronunciation and tense "how old are you?" I replied in Japanese "25 sai desu". He continued asking if I'm returning to Malaysia. I just said yes and he wished me safe journey. I told him his gift is in the box and he said he will look for it later and see you again. I waved goodbye and gave him a high 5 before walking out the door at the same time bowing and saying thank you to the staffs.

His hands are warm and big. His fingers are long. As he hold my hand, my emotions just poured out. He's not as tall as I though he would be. My brother's height, 6 feet. He didn't smell either or maybe my nose was blocked. Hahahaha..

As I walk back to my hotel, I cried all the way. The warmth of his hands remained until the next day. I woke up thinking I had the best dream ever and felt like I've went through the sweetest moments of my life. Something I will never forget. A night to remember and a miracle granted by God after waiting for 12 years. It's all worth the wait. Somehow my mission in Japan has accomplished.

I only realised why he asked my age when I went to Osaka and met my host from airbnb. She asked for my age too and told me I look very young. Maybe keita thinks I'm young too. Hahaha.. I was tearing I couldn't see how he reacted to my answer.

That's the end of my adventure. Can't help but cry whole writing this. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed my life story.

~The End~


5th May 2013 was one of Malaysia's historical day. Our general election. As a first time voter, I was excited at the same time nervous. Woke up early on that day and went to the polling station, my High school to line up.

It's the first time I felt that it's my responsibility to choose a leader I deemed suitable for my country. It was a bright morning, everyone came early. We waited for 30 mins before we were allowed to enter the school compound to the respective classrooms. As I enter to cast my vote, my heart was beating fast. I checked to make sure my name was crossed out, my ballot paper clean & I was using a pen to mark instead of pencil.

I never cared about politics nor my country. I've always wanted to leave and never return. I have always thought my vote will make no difference. It's just 1, what can it do? However, I was wrong. I realized I do care about my country and my vote does make a difference. I checked countless times for updates about the situation around the country.

This year's general election opened my eyes to many things about politics and my country. Things that if people asked, I would be ashamed to even admit I'm a Malaysian. This year has the dirtiest general election in Malaysia's history.

Phantom voters, foreigner's ability to vote, pencil used, blackouts and additional ballot boxes brought it during counting of votes especially when it is obvious the opposition was leading far ahead. I've lost my trust in the current gov, police & media.They are all controlled by our corrupted gov.

Nevertheless, I've seen unity during this time. Regardless of race or religion, the rakyat has done more than they need to do. To protect the polling stations from badass people who tries to cheat.
It only proves one thing. Even though we lost the battle this round. We will win the war one day. The righteous will shine in the darkness. I will continue to fight for my future children. It's just the beginning.



Penang day 2

7.30am, Sat

Woke up to shower and get ready then woke Jeen up. Went for breakfast. Ate White curry Noodles and steamed chicken. After that went to the saloon to perm my hair. XD


Went to Prangin Mall for a walk. Bought nothing but sat and had pre-lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Shared egg tarts and Char Siew paste snack

At 2 pm we went to pick Chai Ru from the jetty then drove to town to eat Asam Laksa, I just took a bite cos I don't really fancy them. Next, we went to Ghee Hiang biscuit store to buy some biscuits. They're famous for it.

Next stop, old kopitiam for Char Kuey Teow. It's really very good.. I want to eat again.. :(

Back to Van's house. Went to take pictures around the area of her Condo for more than an hour. (a little lazy to post it now. lol.)

Dinner in Gurney Drive. Fried Calamari, Rojak (mixed fruits and vege with a special black sauce), Fried eggs with oysters, soy bean with black sugar (Gula Melaka). We shared all of those of cos..

Night market again. but end up buying nothing at all.. Came home shower and slept around 1am.


Penang Day 1

Fri, 12.30pm
Jeen & I head to KL Central to catch a bus to LCCT where we will board our plane to Penang. Reached LCCT around 2pm lined up to check-in then looked around till the gates are open. Went through the customs which made me a little nervous till I lifted both hands while I walked through the sensor door.hahahaha.. Jeen laughed at me. She said I looked like I was surrendering to the Police. Lined up to board the plane. I got the window seat.. XD

It's my first time on the plane so I was a little excited. The plane got delayed for 30 mins due to Air-con failure. While we're on the track, the plane caught up speed & had a shock. Hold on to my seat handle..lol.. As the plane took off, the feeling is like seating a roller coaster where your heart suddenly lifted up. I love that feeling.XD

Reached Penang around 5.30pm, met Vanessa & gave her a hug. After that we went shopping in Queensbay Mall. Bought nothing but sushi cos I was hungry. Then we went for dinner in a small house-like restaurant. Ate Bak Kut Teh (pork, mushrooms, vege in chinese herbal soup).

Went back to Van's house then head straight to the Night Market. walked down the whole street looking at FAKE Gucci, LV & other branded stuff. I bought a pirated DVD. lol.. Phobia 2 (Thai horror). Was looking for more horror movies but they don't have those I wanted.

Came back around 10.30pm, had shower and watched a movie I've always wanted to watch. NINJA ASSASSIN featuring RAIN. I kinda like the movie cos of the effects and the weapons + martial arts Rain did. His body *drools*. Saw his ass too..kekekeke... While watching, 3 of us was screaming in pain for Rain when he was slashed. Jeen & Van closed their eyes when there's lot of gory scenes but I was in awe looking at people's head being cut off, legs & hands slashed. CLEAN CUT using katana, double edged sword, shuriken, kusarigama and many more.

Then we went to bed. The end~~


Baba's First Times

The first times I had ever since I met JIJI.

I talked to a guy online for such a long time (previously 17 hrs).

I sent so many of my pics to some1 I just met.

I received so many poems and pics from a guy.

Someone sent me a picture of the bear I’ve always wanted (Forever Friend’s Bear) to cheer me up.

I’m in a relationship with some 1 overseas and has never met face to face.

I received a kiss on my forehead (This is when everything started on Mar 22nd at 1am).

I’ve been licked.

I made a card for a guy other than Tora & Hiroto.

I asked a guy for his number.

I called the US for such a long time (Last call was 1 hr 2 mins).

I used a pic of someone I like as my monitor wallpaper.

I told my parents that I’m in a relationship (but they don’t believe me).

I’m being called BABA.

I call someone JIJI.

I fought for someone.

My sleepy self waited together with that sleepy head for a package to arrive.

I skipped work just to be with him.

I’ve given and listened to so many muacks in a single phone call.

I’ve seen someone I like drenched (Cos I said I wanna see him wet & he took a pic for me).

I miss a person so much till I get grumpy.

I wanna be with someone so much.

A guy has brought so many smiles on my face and taken so many of my first times.

I wrote all these in memory of all the first times I had with him.


There are more but here are 22 of them dedicated to my love on his 22nd birthday. I love you Jae. Blessed Happy Birthday.



1. Do you like this person?

2. How do you call this person?

3. Which color do you associate with this person?

4. What do you like best about his/her look?
Doesn't matter

5. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she has?

6. What do you want to tell that person?
I just want you

7. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake?
All three



I drank 1 big cup of coffee yesterday and got sick..lol.. Gastric and headache..argh.. Still have a little headache now.. Plus the weather is so bloody hot..sigh.. I want rain~~

No appetite to eat again.. -.-

My old man is sleeping.. XD.. Aww.. I wanna see him sleep..XD


Chicken a la Carte

That video is very touching and true.. watch it..

After watching it, I felt that my part time job in World Vision now is very meaningful.. I'll go back there to volunteer if I have the time..

World Vision

So sorry for disappearing~~

I'm here to leave a note.. I won't be able to update until Feb 6.. I was preparing for exams.. Sorry for not updating for more than a month.. Adi!! I'll keep up with you soon.. Gomen nasai..m-.-m

*off to study*

BTW..Vandalize is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Torashi's guitar~~XD


Back but will be away again

i'm back!!lol.. Just need to post something epic which can't stop me from laughing.. Thanks to </a></b></a>kaizokunodokuro

n. a vulgar hand gesture.
"Are you giving me the toraish, buddy?"

Taken from the randomly generated Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary.
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Jolly old St Nicholas,
Lean your tora's penis this way.
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say.

Jolly Old St Nicholas
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Here in my tora's penis,
I feel safest of all.

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Adi & Tora, adi & Tora, adi & Tora
Must be funny
In the rich man's world.

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I'm not trying to cause a big sensation,
I'm just talkin' 'bout my Adi in bed with Tora.

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All you need is Adi in bed with Tora, Adi in bed with Tora. Adi In Bed With Tora is all you need.

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Look at the alice nine orgy,
Look how they shine for you.

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alice nine
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"Man, can I attack some alice nine?" "Sure you can, Jesse."

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Here comes Alice Nine! Here comes Alice Nine! Right down Alice Nine Lane!

Here Comes Santa Claus
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O Tora of wonder, Tora of might,
Tora of royal beauty bright.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are
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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
You give us so much alice nine.

O Christmas Tree
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Pa-rum-pum-pum pum,
Me and my naked Tora.

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Sorry.. I need to spam.. Hope this cheers you up Adi!!XD I'm not thinking straight.. Assignments and exams burned my brain!!